Kodak Alaris: Document Management That Boosts Productivity

CIO Vendor In the digital era, businesses are increasingly gravitating towards information capture solutions with the intent of automating workflows and streamlining document management. Their objective is to simplify the procedure of capturing data and digitizing it which is otherwise a tedious and time-consuming process. Information capture solutions not only save time and money but also help businesses focus on their core operations. As a result, the information capture solutions market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 12 percent by 2027.

Leading the way in this niche segment is Kodak Alaris, which is providing information capture solutions that simplify business processes. With its technologically progressive and unconventional variety of products, the company is capable of reducing the data preparation time of business processes and in turn increasing the productivity of organizations. The global technology provider ensures easy access to business-critical information that enables entrepreneurs to apply data in their business operations to make faster and smarter decisions. Kodak Alaris' technologically advanced and customised solutions uniquely combine imaging science, artificial intelligence, and advanced process automation to turn information into a sustainable competitive advantage.

The services provided by Kodak Alaris are used by various industries like banking, insurance, BPO, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and government in different business processes like customer on-boarding, accounts payable processing, mailroom automation, records management, claims processing, remote working and national census initiatives. Ashok Dash, Sales Director of Kodak Alaris India says, "Our legacy is rich i.e., born from one of the world's most iconic brands, we have a strong heritage in innovation, and a sharp focus on bringing technology to market".

Distinctive Nature And Approach
Kodak Alaris won BLI's coveted 2021 Scanner Line of the Year Award. The world's leading independent evaluator of document imaging hardware, software, and services, Keypoint Intelligence gave this award Kodak Alaris based on rigorous lab assessments. Ashok says,
"We have won the Scanner Line of the Year Award five out of the last six years, and this clearly showcases the strength and performance consistency of our scanning and software solutions".

Another notable achievement is that their popular product the Kodak S3000 Series Scanner has been recognised by Keypoint Intelligence with a Winter 2021 Pick Award for Outstanding Departmental Scanner. "Our excellent build quality and higher duty cycles make our scanners durable workhorses that can handle heavy duty scanning requirements for prolonged periods of time," he adds. Through various recognitions by eminent organizations, it is quite clear that Kodak Alaris is very unique from other players in the market both in nature and also in approach. While narrating the success story Ashok says, "One of the large system integrators undertaking a time bound mission critical initiative with a central government agency trusted high-end production scanners from Kodak Alaris to handle the complex and heavy-duty scanning requirement that demanded superior image quality and stringent timelines. Our better image quality and the higher duty cycles were the reasons for Kodak Alaris becoming their final choice".

Born from one of the world's most iconic brands, we have a strong heritage in innovation, and a sharp focus on bringing technology to market

Monumental Efforts And Profound Strategies
With excellent image quality, value for money and also its user-friendly nature and enhanced services like smart touch technology and scanning directly to apps, the S3000 series have already grasped the attention of the market. Businesses can focus on their operations easily by using the services provided by Kodak Alaris as it reduces the data preparation time of business processes with their advanced technologies and innovative products. Kodak Alaris is helping businesses overcome one of the biggest challenges usually faced by them i.e., to connect their remote teams so that transferring business-related critical information between home-based workers and the back-end systems becomes hassle-free.

Future Projections
Kodak Alaris focuses on delivering modern technology to the market. Their existence is all about helping the world can turn data into a powerful competitive advantage. Their advanced, original intellectual property combines innovative technologies and human expertise to unleash the potential of images and information.