ShareDocs Enterpriser : Streamlining Document Management with New-age Solution

CIO Vendor Manual processes involved in document handling are time-consuming and ineffective and businesses are in immediate need of a digitally fuelled document management system that can assist them in keeping all their documents in one place with utmost privacy and safety protocols in place. Catering to this need, Sharedocs Enterpriser offers an advanced document management solution enabled with a workflow requisition management module. This module helps to attach documents for approval or can be generated from an existing template and then sent for approval.

It works as a central repository of documents that are integrated with ElasticSearch, a full-text search engine that fuels faster search and retrieval of documents for document indexing. It effectively drives faster results by capturing the data and images in a document. ShareDocs Enterpriser is also capable of API integration that helps to communicate with multiple business applications for search, upload and download of documents and for importing data into thae DMS.

The solution offers a utility called ‘Document Sets’ that helps to auto link multiple documents to one employee code. Additionally, it helps to identify which documents are missing from the set of mandatory documents, thereby helping HR professionals to connect with employees for the necessary documents. HR professionals can also make use of ‘Document Templates’ to create appointment letters for multiple employees at one time.

Additionally, HR departments can make use of the onboarding tool linked to the DMS that helps with the employee onboarding process allowing candidates to upload their documents directly on the portal and HRMs to approve them for storage in the DMS.

‘We redefine document management for business organizations with security as our prime
focus. Although external parties get access to the workflow documents, the access is restricted after the expiry date and time that the sender has defined,’ says Mr. Mahendra Kulkarni - Managing Director.

Organizations use Sharedocs Enterpriser’s solution for their vendor invoice approvals as well. These workflows involve multi-level approval and the accounts team updating payment details to end the workflow. Every activity in the workflow is captured in the system generated workflow document thus raising the accountability quotient. By offering an unmatched turn-around-time for the search and retrieval of documents in less than a minute, Sharedocs Enterpriser has been successful in working with organizations ranging from aviation to media houses to financial institutions.

We redefine document management for business organizations with adaptive solutions.

A few NBFCs also use Sharedocs Enterpriser to store loan documents. With the ‘Document Sets’ feature, these users/banking professionals are able to find all documents against one loan ID together in one place, use the interactive dashboard to identify missing documents and also get an overview of the loan disbursements on a monthly and quarterly basis.

With the help of the data entry captured against documents, ShareDocs Enterpriser sends reminders to internal and external stakeholders at scheduled intervals. As part of the next set of features, Sharedocs Enterpriser is striving to have analytical dashboards that can support management teams to make smarter decisions based on historical data and also predict future behaviors of sections, departments and the organization. It is also striving to integrate the solution with Google’s data extraction tool to extract data from the huge volume of invoices processed and reduce manual intervention.

The company plans to roll out an integrated and adaptive solution that coordinates with multiple business applications and give users a seamless experience. ‘We are planning to target the overseas market and sell the product outside India. The two factors that would help with this growth are the license cost and the adaptability of the solution towards varying business needs,’ concludes Mahendra Kulkarni, Managing Director, ShareDocs Enterpriser.